Satellite Internet Providers

Satellite Internet service providers are telecommunication companies that provide Internet access via satellite instead of regular cable or wire.

Satellite-based Internet solutions offer unparalleled flexibility in deployment, an especially important characteristic for remote areas where cable and phone access may be restricted. Deployment is as simple as an antenna installation and linkage of hardware to the computer.

It is important to stress that satellite technology is a well-proven commodity. Large multinational companies have been using satellite technology for years to carry out their essential data transmissions. Aside from cost, the main reason that satellite has enjoyed long-standing success in the business world is reliability. Satellites can deliver uptime approaching 100%, as they do not have multiple carriers, switches, loops or layers of redundancy that complicate regular networks.

Speeds of satellite Internet are quite high, usually exceeding regular broadband such as cable and DSL. However, the initial request connection is higher. This makes satellite faster for large downloads, but slower for quick web browsing.